Woman with huge strength

Numbers don't always speak. Numbers can hide colossal efforts. They do not know of early mornings, tiredness and determination. They do not know about  small women with huge  strength. That's why this story is not about fulfilled plans but about people who never gave up to achieve it.

Perhaps nobody has ever told Juanita that she is a heroine. She doesn't feel as such . She only wakes up  very  early  and reaches her hens before the Sun, as a sacred ritual, a duty able to double her energy. And I know that she didn't give up trying to collect egg after egg, no matter how late it was.

She would never imagine that her job  deserves to be highlighted in a newspaper, but she faced  2020 and its dificulties. When Bauta seemed like a desert because of the quarantine, and Baracoa farm could have only half the qualified personnel and some emerging contracts, this brave woman of several decades stood firm in her warehouse.
I try to get the words out of her  to explain so much courage, and I didn't hear any adjective or boast. She talks about practice. She says that she doesn't like to sit. At the first questions  I already notice that she is anxious to go back to the birds, where she finds the easiest way to get on.

She has that place  embedded in his skin, after 18 years there. She masters the secrets of the proper handling of chickens, and understands that sometimes it is not enough, as unexpected challenges arise: after the quarantine, they went 28 days without water, in August, due to problems with the water pump.

Again they had to multiply efforts, until they had the new submersible pump of ten liters per second, essential in view of the demand of 264,000 liters per day.

“You can't serve the chickens if they don't have water, because they drown,” she explains. The luck of this farm lies in having others like Juanita, such as Norys Figueredo or Diocelio Urquiza, 47 years of service  in the poultry industry and distinguished as National Vanguard for seven consecutive years.

He has been a maintenance worker, tractor operator, water pump  operator ... whatever it takes. And they just gave him the Labor Achievement medal. But he is more proud of having shaken hands with the Commander in Chief, in 1975. He perceives that they not only promote diplomas and income, and he is looking to place a photo of Camilo next to those of Che and Fidel.

In Baracoa there is a formidable staff, able to  avoid quarantines and broken water pumps, as well as overcoming the stress on old birds due to the contrasts between sunny mornings, afternoons with strong winds and rains.

Liens Romero leads this team of 135 workers in which women prevail (86). She is   an example of her infinite days and nights on the farm, even in the middle of her quarantine back in July, when she could not also detach herself from her inescapable role as president of Cangrejeras  defense zone.
That is why I point out as the most important thing the fulfillment of their plan for the year at 96.54%, with 33.1 million eggs. I refer to  244,000 more than expected, before so many setbacks appeared. I prefer to highlight the tenacity behind those numbers; after all, the effort does not fit in numbers.

Translated LMMS

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