In hard times stronger men appear

That is why at the end of a bad year and starting another similar one, I am pleased to believe that when days go by, COVID-19 not only  leaves us a negative impact. In this pandemic year, the virus has also brought good things.

With the health emergency and the risk to life, the world reaffirmed the worth of Cubans in that distant March, in another task  to solidarity. Those were the days when we gave hope to the travelers of the British cruise ship MS Braemar and admired the nobility in the hearts of our doctors, when they faced the virus in Lombardy and got rid of it.

Meanwhile, in the big house, we wrapped good wishes that traveled to them with the sound of applause.
And in this chain of good actions, the most knowledgeable took old clothes and sewed masks to give them around the neighborhood, the same masks that months later have remained among the people, to rediscover the language of the eyes and preserve the intimacy of the lips.

Thus, the confinement and the call of a president to grow up in the face of vicissitudes came for the first time, as the only way out of living and winning. Without realizing it, for several months the whole of Cuba was a single family in front of the television, to know the details of each new contagion. Homes were transformed into dissimilar settings: offices, classrooms, play areas ... Creativity took over the house, and the distance between loved ones was less acute, thanks to social networks.

Meanwhile, Cuban biotechnology wrote another page of glory: the largest of the Antilles was located in record time, despite imperial sanctions, in the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to have a vaccine candidate against the disease, in phase of clinicians testing.

There are four applicants, a seemingly impossible figure for a blocked country, but just because of the capacity of men and women who carry Cuba and its science in their souls.

With the same commitment, in the midst of adversity, we have seen many young people in the red zone, to care even for those who did not act in favor of life and let the virus enter. They have suffered in the West when in the East the third outbreak struck with greater force. Every Cuban who was not saved from the debacle has cried throughout the country.

Likewise, you may believe that there are more negative views in this stage of COVID-19, but we are fed up with those. In these bad days, I prefer to highlight the virtue of holding on together to the greatest of purposes: safeguarding life.

Translated by LMMS

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