The charm of La Coronela camping site

Olga Lidia Fernández Curbelo is now 36 years old. She has not visited La Coronela camping site since she was 15 or 16 , a recreational center located Caimito north . It was enough that she get to the place to get amazed: the rustic camping site she stopped visiting is now the closest thing to a dream.

"This has become a special place, I have no words to describe it," says Olga, waitress at El Pelícano Business Center in Mariel Special Development Zone, an opinion she shares with another visitor, Raymel Pérez, and Rafael Ernesto Ramírez, lifeguard of the entity: "When Yosbet became a director, this place changed".

We spoke a couple of years ago in these same pages about Yosbet Pérez Hernández and the intense task at La Coronela,: then we narrated the amazement we had due to the change in this place well known in Caimito , today longed for by inhabitants of the most dissimilar Artemisa´s townships and the capital city.

Reynaldo Hevia, from Havana city ,with residence in Güira de Melena, said : "This is the best camping I've ever visited. If it were not like that, I would tell you with all the sincerity of the world. I have no commitments with anyone. I do not lie. When I arrived, I told the administrator: '' Hey, brother, what did you do here? ', to which he clearly replied:' work! "

For the marriage formed by Gabriel and Adela this space is "very good, full of pleasant workers, very respectful and outstanding of everything". They do not regret having chosen it to spend a few days of the intense summer. It is almost impossible that they will not return next year.

What goes from yesterday to today

A group of students who recently finished eighth grade at Carlos Gutiérrez Menoyo secondary school, decided -with their mothers- to spend a full day of rest in La Coronela grounds, where crystal clear cold water of El Copey waterfall delights every visitor.

I accepted their invitation without hesitation , not so much for the promise of a glorious dip or the birthday celebration of my daughter Maria Fernanda (extraordinary admirer of this place), but also for the idea of writing an article about the current "state of health" of a place where many times I left my youthful traces.

Upon arriving, the affable and sincere greeting of Yosbet did not wait. It is an essential part of their way of life. "I have made more friends here than nowhere", swears this young from Holguín who became an Artemisa settler.

"Since I arrived in the morning, I ask campers their opinion about everything: what they like and what they do not, I ask them about the food and about the different options. I want you to feel comfortable, in confidence, according to such a beautiful place. What camper tells you is the reality, and on those problems you must work until I solve them ".

But how much has La Coronela changed since you last received a few words in the pages of this newspaper? Yosbet replies that, since then, the 26 houses (now rented) have been put on roofing paper and placed on new bathroom curtains, mirrors with wall lights, bedside tables, bath baskets, "telephone" showers, two fans , new mattresses, a garbage basket outdoors for each of them, and 10 tables of four chairs with the name of the camping recorded on its back.

Having achieved that a 24 -hour water service was precisely a good news to all campers, as well as the installation of a refrigerator and ice in Guanajay.

To these positive changes, other were added : the construction of a second barbecue and the improvement of a ranchon to sale soft drinks and biscuits. "We managed to get the two grills to work six days a week, from morning to evening, and with a wide variety of roasts, brochettes, leafhoppers and rice," says Yosbet.

The staircase and the handrail were fixed to the waterfall, a bamboo bench was placed, and the surroundings were clean, while the dike was adjusted for a better and quieter stay of the visitors, who often prefer the crystalline torrent of this waterfall before the calm water of the dam.

The visitor always pays attention to the gastronomic offer of the place where he is staying. He paid for a happy stay and does not want any kind of scares (rather dislikes) with the menu. In this sense, there no chance for regrets: Popular Camping Enterprise in Artemisa in Artemisa has not failed to deliver the supplies and contracts with companies such as Palco, ITH Habana and ITH Pinar del Río.

Today it is not difficult to acquire in this recreational base various dishes made with chicken, pork and fish, soft drinks, beers as Cristal and Bucanero, cheese, sausages ... and various products at a lower price, in CUP, in a cafeteria located on the side of the central restaurant.

Nobody gets bored at the camping base, due to a sort of man-orchestra in charge: animator Denys García (clown Chambelona), member of the tent Trompoloco of the National Circus of Cuba, in the company of colleagues Sandra Atencio (Timotea), Wendy Sierra (Paletica) and Germán Sierra (Palitroque), also from this project.

Denys can act as a clown or lead the Foam Festival, face acts of magic, tell stories, make imitations, sketches, phonomimics and, if necessary, lend a hand in cleaning, painting, plating or attention to campers, he has no qualms about taking action immediately.

He admits that he likes the environment, security and respect present in the facility, as well as the sense of belonging of each of his workers. "It's a very healthy place, I can assure you with full knowledge of the cause because I've been to all campsites in Cuba and I see the differences."

Workers: if they go together, better

Little or absolutely nothing a director does if his subordinates do not work at ease because of this or that reason ... or without reason. Yosbet knows this and has it in mind. "If you mistreat, you do not achieve anything", it is his goal to face the tasks of direction, and with that goal seems to go very well.

"I have excellent workers. They do whatever :to load goods ,cook or fix a broken fan, it does not matter if they are guards, drivers, cooks ... With them you can count on everything and in any circumstance. I am a true privileged, and the base more than I, to have 36 excellent workers. "

More than 1,500 campers over the plan until June stayed in La Coronela, a number that speaks clearly of the prestige achieved, as well as the fact that a good part of these campers return to the site where, for several days, they had an especially good time. Others just spend one day , also found an offer matching their expectations.

It is not cheap praise. Although it would not be at all idle to work hard at one point, perhaps the weakest of all: communications, because urged is the basis of having a fixed telephone service. Not all campers have the possibility of having cell phones.

It is a pending task, without doubts. But, meanwhile, La Coronela continues with a firm step towards higher goals, according to the beauty of the greenness of the landscape and the imposing and somewhat mysterious hillside that hosts each of its triumphs.


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